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Why is it important to leave a clove of garlic in front of the house in September? The very clever trick


Garlic is one of the most used condiments in cooking. Bringing powerful flavor to your favorite dishes. This cooking ingredient has many nutritional properties. Being rich in antioxidants and vitamins, this vegetable with multiple virtues can have a particular utility outside the culinary sphere. Place a clove of garlic in front of your house and observe the result!


In addition to working wonders in the kitchen, garlic is a condiment with incredible and unsuspected virtues. It can be used in many ways: as a health food but also as a real home remedy. Discover one of its hitherto unsuspected uses.

Why put a clove of garlic in front of the house?

In addition to the sun and the heat, the summer period can bring its share of daily inconveniences, namely the appearance of certain pests that invade homes. We will explain to you how  a simple clove of garlic  can be of great use.

Garlic, an excellent repellent against lizards

Garlic on a cutting board

Garlic on a cutting board – Source: spm

Despite its many benefits, garlic is not always appreciated because of its strong smell. It is for this same reason that lizards flee it. To take advantage of its repellent power, just place one or more cloves of garlic on the balcony or terrace, especially in the darkest corners and cracks in the walls.  There is also another way to proceed, by mixing the juice of a few cloves of garlic with water. The idea is to be able to spray the liquid on the walls of the entrance of the house, the balcony, near the windows or in any other favorite place of the lizards.

Besides Garlic, These Natural Tricks Effectively Repel Lizards

Seeing lizards crawling on the exterior wall of your home is not very pleasant. Aside from garlic, there are other  effective and natural tricks  to ward off these long-tailed reptiles. Here are some examples.

Eggshells  can repel lizards from your home. Freshly placed in the garden, on the terrace or on the windowsills, they are very effective in keeping lizards away. It is enough to recover halves of still firm shells and to deposit them at the places where these reptiles are. Once dry, it is advisable to change them to preserve their effectiveness. Upon spotting the eggshells, the lizards will scurry away thinking they are threatened by a larger predator.

egg shells

Egg shells – Source: spm

Pepper  can also be used to get rid of lizards invading your exterior. For this, prepare a solution of pepper water. Then,  using a spray bottle, spray the paths taken by these pests.  In addition to being a safe natural ingredient, pepper will help you eradicate the proliferation of these reptiles in your home for a while. Similarly, a hot sauce diluted in water will produce the same effect. More pungent than pepper, it will irritate the reptile and prevent it from coming back.

Onions , like garlic, can be an excellent lizard repellent. It can be used on window sills, near openings or even outdoors on a table on the balcony. To prevent geckos from entering your interior,  peel the onion  then cut it in half before placing it on a plate or in a dish. The irritation that this food will cause will immediately repel these small reptiles.

Onions on a wooden table

Onions on a wooden table – Source: spm

If your house is invaded by lizards, it is essential to solve this problem by getting rid of the leftover food that attracts them.