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The trick to perfectly clean the grill and get rid of cheese residues


Panini grill or electric grill, when you heat a toast with cheese, residues of this food can remain stuck on the plate. It is possible to get rid of it with a simple trick.

Cheese can get stuck on the grill and leave bad smells. It is possible to avoid dirt on your device with an effective trick.

How do you prevent cheese from sticking to your grill?

If it is possible to overcome the dirt with a cleaner, the remains of encrusted cheese may be more resistant. A product used in the kitchen can help you remedy this inconvenience. Discover this very effective technique to keep a clean and sparkling toaster.

Croque-monsieur in the grill

Croque-monsieur in the grill – Source: spm

Parchment paper to prevent the cheese from sticking to the grill plate

If it is important to use natural cleaning products to clean your grill, it is possible to overcome cheese that sticks on an electric grill without effort. You will  need to use parchment paper for this . Wrap it around the toast before placing it in the appliance. The cheese will stick to the paper and the toast will be perfectly cooked. As a result, the device will remain clean and you will have no trouble cleaning it.

parchment paper

Parchment paper – Source: spm

There is another trick to clean your grill device

Clean the cooking plates of the electric grill

If your electric grill has removable cooking plates, it will be easier to clean. To make it clean again, you need to clean it twice. A part with removable cooking plates that you can clean by hand or in your dishwasher. Then rinse them with clear water and dry them properly. Next, move on to cleaning the entire device. Clean the entire cooking surface of the appliance with a clean cloth, taking care to remove all crumbs so that they do not mold or burn when cooking.

If the cooking plates are not removable, take a clean cloth and a little water to clean the inside of the appliance. Start with the interior and then finish with the exterior.

cleaning the electric grill

cleaning the electric grill – Source: spm

Remember to degrease the grill appliance

It is possible that your grill appliance is clogged up from using it to make your cheese toasts. Despite thorough cleaning of the cooking plates and the inside of the grill, grease residues may still be present. To get rid of this encrusted dirt, use a damp cloth with water to remove the grease. Do not use detergent products which could damage the appliance. If residue remains encrusted, reconnect the appliance so that it heats up and apply vegetable oil. Finally, let it cool down and perform a new cleaning with a brush.

By following the tips mentioned above, you will get rid of the dirt on your electrical appliance. However, remember to clean it as you use it to better maintain it.