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5 Most Effective Ways to Clean White Shoes: They'll Look Like New


5 Most Effective Ways to Clean White Shoes: They'll Look Like New

Sneakers are trendy and increasingly popular since they adapt to all outfits and all ages. The only drawback: these pairs of shoes get dirty quickly, change color and lose all their shine. Fortunately, these 5 tips can help you give them a youthful look in just a few steps!

After just a few days of use, white sneakers can easily get damaged. Instead of washing them in the machine  which gives them a yellowish tone and a fetish look with heat and detergents, prefer accessible and natural products instead. These few ingredients will certainly restore their whiteness.

How to effectively clean white sneakers?

Several brilliant solutions are available to you to clean and restore shine to white shoes. They mostly use inexpensive products and ingredients available in almost any home.

  • Brush white sneakers with white toothpaste

white toothpaste

White toothpaste – Source: spm

To clean these shoes nothing like white toothpaste. This dental hygiene product will work wonders on your favorite sneakers. Before you start, the shoes should be scrubbed with a damp brush soaked in dishwashing liquid.  Make circular movements until the foam appears then wipe with a clean towel. Then repeat the same procedure, this time using the toothpaste. Wipe with a clean, damp cloth and let dry in the sun. The result is surprising !

  • Apply talcum powder to white sneakers

Did you know ? Talc can also have cleansing and whitening properties. To clean up your shoes , bring the following items:

  • Half a glass of water
  • A toothbrush
  • A hair dryer

In a container,  mix the talc and water until a light mixture is obtained. Using a toothbrush, apply the solution to the sneakers in circular motions. Then wipe off the talc residue with a clean, slightly damp cloth. Dry the shoes using your hair dryer. This method is particularly suitable for fabric basketball.

  • Clean the soles of white sneakers with nail polish remover


Solvent – ​​Source: spm

This tip is great for white leather soles and sneakers. Simply soak a piece of cotton with solvent then wipe, emphasizing the greyish traces. Once the stains have been removed, rinse the shoes with clean water using a damp cloth. Let the shoes dry in a shaded area. Under the effect of heat, their fabric can easily deteriorate.

  • Apply baking soda to white sneakers

baking soda toothbrush

Baking soda on a toothbrush – Source: spm

Who does not know the many properties of baking soda? This white powder works on all types of materials: leather, fabric and rubber soles. On a damp toothbrush,  sprinkle a little baking soda  before gently rubbing the entire surface of your white sneakers. It is possible to add dishwashing liquid to ensure greater efficiency.

  • Using White Vinegar to Whiten Sneakers

If you have white sneakers, opt for white vinegar to restore their shine. Stains and streaks of dirt will be a thing of the past with this ingredient renowned for its cleaning ability. Dilute a glass of white vinegar in a basin of water and soak your sneakers in this solution. Then rub your sneakers and rinse them with a sponge soaked in water. You will be surprised by the result. Note that this method only applies to sneakers that can be submerged in water.

You now know the main tips for cleaning and preserving the shine of your white shoes for longer. For an impeccable result, do not forget to also clean the laces by immersing them parallel in a mixture of soapy water and white vinegar.